Loans to the rest of the payday

The average monthly wage in Croatia has risen to HRK 6,100 in recent months, but still not enough to cover the cost of living. It is not surprising, therefore, that every fourth Croat does not pay overtime or pay them at all. The cost of living far outweighs the monthly income, so many, at the expense of overhead, buy the most basic, which is food. Surveys show that only 86,000 people receive a salary of six thousand kuna, and as many as 1,166,731 employees receive less than the average salary. Many have moved abroad due to the incredibly poor conditions.

Loans for the rest of your paycheck: Who is the ideal candidate?

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However, some Croats still make good money. Almost 270 of them earn more than 100 thousand a month, just over 900 earn from 50 to 100 thousand kuna, and if 800 of them earn up to 50 thousand kuna. Workers with such salaries are ideal candidates for payday loan.

Loans for the rest of your paycheck are a special form of lending that is not available to everyone. These are specialized financial services where the indebtedness of the client does not limit the raising of a new client. The biggest advantage of online credit over the rest of the payroll is that they can be realized even if the suspension exceeds one third of the client’s net income.

The law otherwise stipulates that two-thirds of the salary should not be charged, but in this case the legal minimum does not apply. The creditworthiness of the client is not impaired if he regularly settles all his debts.

Who has a loan not available?

The amount of income dictates the ideal loan applicant for the rest of your paycheck. Customers with a secured account are under or suspended. These clients do not have a high enough salary or an unencumbered part of their salary to cover the loan.

Banks, however, restrict the client list because this type of loan can only be requested by employees for an indefinite period of time. With the client having to be employed for a minimum of six months to be taken into account by the bank. Everything else is too big a risk for her. Part-time workers are easier to dismiss or are simply not renewed, which puts the bank in a disadvantageous position.

What banks offer and what credit companies have in their offer

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Loans to the rest of the payday are determined by smaller amounts and a short repayment period. And as such, banks and credit houses also have them on offer. However, given that this type of lending is considered extremely risky, payday loans are not a standard part of every financial institution’s offering. Credit houses offer this type of lending to anyone, regardless of their type of employment. 

The most important thing for credit houses is that the client has regular incomes that he can settle on the rest of his salary and all other debts he has. The client is therefore not limited to anything but concern for his own finances. If neat, it is automatically a suitable candidate for almost all types of lending. But it does not mean that every credit house is ideal for every client.

When choosing credit houses, one should pay attention to those who are not licensed to work in Croatia, and there are more and more of them. The black market is booming and demand is increasing. People often opt for this type of borrowing money, especially when they are in trouble over time. However, such a decision can only cause problems because there is no written evidence of the loan.